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how to remove eye bags with 4 egg whites benefit. with natural ingredients

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Egg White Benefits for Beauty, beauty skin, hair beauty tips, natural facial masks, white masks telurTentunya benefits all of us are very familiar with the eggs. We often utilize egg as a side dish we eat everyday.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and contains a complete amino acid compared to other animal protein foods such as fish, meat, chicken, tofu, tempeh, and others. Egg whites can be cooked separately for various purposes, for example to make a cream or cake.

In the egg, there are two major parts of the egg white and egg yolk. Both of them have good nutritional content. To treat the face, which is often used namely the egg white because it has several advantages when compared with egg yolk. Egg white or known by the name of albumin loaded with protein and contains no fat.

Egg whites have benefits to remove dead skin on the face so the face becomes clean and bright. In addition there are many benefits of egg whites to treat your face, which is as follows:
Moisturize skin tightening and face

The egg white gives a sense of taut facial skin and make pores become smaller. Mix one teaspoon of egg white with a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil.

Apply on the face and neck until dry. After that, rinse with warm water. If done regularly, the pores will shrink. This method can also make your skin soft.

Another way you can do that is to whisk the egg white until slightly frothy. Then, usapakan directly on the face and then rinse with warm water.
Eliminate Eye Bags

Often sleep late or too much activity can cause eye fatigue and marsupial. This of course can affect your kacantikan. To overcome the thin egg white dab of eye bags and leave for up to 10 minutes or until dry. After that, rinse ..
Against Skin Irritation

Egg mask is suitable for treating skin irritations. This is because the egg mengadung amino acids to reduce inflammation of the skin. High protein content is also quite good for the face. To fight against skin irritation on the body with the egg white mix your soap. Naturally, irritated skin will heal.
Caring for Hair Beauty and Health

For hair care, use egg whites mixed with ar and applied directly to the hair such as wearing cem-Ceman or hair tonic. For hair masks, beat eggs until fluffy or white until stiff and frothy rubbed into the hair and rinsed.

Not difficult not to treat the face with egg whites? In addition to easy, it is also cheap and have little negative impact on the face due to the lack of chemicals used. Good luck. (Herbal Cream)