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Here I Will Explain Bios Setting the Standard.
1 Standard CMOS Setup
Menu to set the default BIOS setup configuration, such as setting the date, time, hard disk, floppy disk, and so on.

Menu to set the configuration of the facilities provided by the BIOS, such as: preventing viruses, determining the initial boot, speeding up the boot, and so on.
Virus Warning
Serves to detect and prevent the spread of the virus. (select "disabled")
CPU Internal Cache
Enable and disable function (enable / disable) the CPU Internal Cache (cache-memory level 1) which is in the processor as a container for temporary data will be processed by the processor. (select "enabled")
External Cache
Works to increase system performance. (select "enabled"). With these options the system will use other existing cache memory on the system to accommodate the temporary data to be processed by the processor.
Quick Power On Self Test
Check the functioning of computer components when doing a cold boot. When selecting "disabled", the computer will make the process much longer, such as checking the memory up to three times. Select "enabled", so computers make the process shorter and faster
Boot Sequence
Serves to determine the order of the boot process. Choose "C Only". so that the computer boots from the hard drive only. If the boot sequence starts from the floppy disk drive, set it to "A
Swap Floppy Drive
A function to swap the position of the drive and the drive B. If you select "enabled", drive A will be drive B, and vice versa. If a computer only has the drive, choose "disabled" as the safer option.
Boot Up Floppy Seek
Function knows the type of track that is used by disk drives. Select "disabled" to speed up the boot.
Boot Up Numlock Status
Numlock key function activates when the computer is booted. Select "on" to activate the BIOS extended at-keyboard numlock at boot time. You can also select the "off".
Boot Up System Speed
Function determines the state of the computer on boot up. Choose "high", so that computers make the process faster.
Security Option
Function to determine when the password is activated. If you select "Setup", the computer will ask for the password in the BIOS-setup is run. And if you select "System", the computer will ask for a password every time the computer boots. Configure security options to suit your needs.
OS Selector for Dram> 64 MB
Serves to determine the configuration of the mem

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